About PSVK

PSVK is a group of professionals working for public health, education, gender, livelihood, community development and social welfare.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world free of poverty in which every individual has the freedom and power to create and sustain a just society in which to live.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the poor to participate in and benefit from the Indian growth process through integrated action in various social programs.

Priority Area

Public Health, Education, Livelihood, Women Empowerment, Community Development and Social Welfare continue to be prime areas of our work.


We have a long series of achievements and we are continuously working for various social welfare programs to empower our society and nation.

Future Plan

We are planning to expand our functional area and we are also planning to associate more and more common and needful people for their empowerment.

Governing Body

To achieve our objectives, we have organized ourselves into a Governing Body (responsible for policy decisions), Managing Committee (day-to-day administration of PSVK ). For transparency and excellency the board members are rotated every two years.

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Our Team

We have a dedicated army of volunteers, social workers and like-minded individuals who support our efforts. We have a personnel policy which is followed to eliminate hierarchy in the organization, an investment policy to enhance transparency.

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Friends of PSVK

From those who promote our work at every opportunity, to those who donate or fund projects or volunteer their time, we are immensely grateful to all the friends of PSVK who support us. We would like to thank all the friends whose contributions are greatly valued.

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What We Do

Women Empowerment

PSVK focus on the immense opportunity that exists with supporting Women’s empowerment. It has become apparent that investing in Women has an incredibly high rate of return. Women in developing areas are exceptional at saving, providing for their families and generating income.


Health Program

PSVK launched the programme as part of its endeavor to introduce healthcare awareness and contemporary healthcare services seeking behavior among the weaker section of rural masses. We participate various government sponsored healthcare and food supplementary programs.


Environmental Programme

Reduction in the forest of the state is a matter of great concern for all of us. Lack of forests has brought many havocs to the mankind. Deforestation has resulted into elapse of many species of the animals around the world. Our NGO decided to plant trees across the state.





Program Completed


Team Members


Our Friends