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The PSVK was started by help of few social workers in 28th  May 2003 and registered in 24.07.2004 to initiate unique model of social work, Self Help Group Creation, formal education and computer education through community participation first in Patna district of Bihar and further replicated in other district of Bihar and Jharkhand.
PSVK visualizes to create a value added society based on social justice, unity, integrity, equality, peace trust and freedom through community organization, participation and empowerment by providing equal access to right to food, clothing, shelter, education, health and information

VISION :- An India free of poverty in which every individual has the freedom and capacity to create and                 sustain a just society with prosperity.  

Mission      Holistic development process through community involvement and for sustainability of                            programmes.

Goal :-  To provide engagement facility to the rural populace by motivating them to take up programs in areas of development.

 To Providing quality affordable education, life skills, products and services by empowering the poor to benefit from the growth process.

 To facilitate integrated and inclusive action in the fields of child health and nutrition, elementary education, financial inclusion and sustainable livelihood with active collaboration with Government and Non Governmental organizations.

• To reach out and provide quality education to at least 50 orphaned children each year.

To reach out to at least 5000 poor women and families each year, 60% of them would be from extreme poor families, 40% from old age, specially challenged and the destitute.

• To provide life skills training to at least 1250 individuals to facilitate meaningful income generating programs to enhance income levels.

• To Organize at least 12 Awareness Programs in the field of Legal Awareness, Environment and Health.

• Provide marketing accessibility to products & services, linkages of organic farming, packaging, processing, and their entitlement benefits to at least 15000 individuals per year

• Increase income of at last 2000 supported family each year by Rs. 1000/- per month and reduce health expenditure of family by Rs. 500/- and increase enrollment of at least 3000 children to school preventing dropouts.

Objective :

 1. To promote research, development and adaptation of science and technology for improving quality of life of weaker sections.

2. To motivate scientists for applying their knowledge and expertise to problems of the weaker communities.

3. To promote research, development and adaptation of technology, improve the life, working conditions and opportunities for gainful employment of women especially in rural areas.

4. To increase the contribution of women to science, technology and development.

5. To promote research, development and adaptation of technology for improving the quality of life of the economically weaker sections of scheduled castes in urban/rural areas.

6. To encourage scientists & technologists to apply there knowledge and expertise to the needs of economically weaker scheduled caste communities, especially in rural areas.

7. To promote activities such as workshops, seminars, publications, jathas, etc. which would help in achieving the objectives listed above.

8. To replicate successful Technology models relevant to SC population.

9. To promote Organic farming (fruit and vegetable) animal husbandry for the economic development of poor through model of SHG and cooperative by introducing micro finance, insurance, and various social security schemes.

10. To promote computer literacy among rural women by creating awareness, implementation and research of existing GO/NGO programmes and by establishing kiosk at Panchayat level.

11. To provide linkages for better health facilities especially in rural areas through awareness, and implementation of various health development programmes in collaboration with government department and donor agencies.

12. To cater to the overall development of mother and child, widow and destitute, old age, orphanage, blind and other disadvantageously placed section of the society.

13. To create awareness about Malaria, AIDS, T.B. leprosy and other common disease and work for the prevention and treatment.

To work for the entitlement realization of rural poor through Right to information Act.